Game of the Week: Blazing Nuggets pull away from Red Machine


Blazing Nuggets’ Derek ‘Dubya’ M. (blue) surrounded by three Red Machine (red) players. Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – Blazing Nuggets and Red Machine faced off in this week’s Game of the Week. Red Machine were looking for their second win of the session. Blazing Nuggets looked to maintain their spot atop of the Tuesday Roller Hockey standings, while debuting a new jersey/logo combination inspired by the original Denver Nuggets logo. They did just that as they won by a score of 7-4. Blazing Nuggets abused the Mitchell W. – James K. connection as they linked up for five goals and five assists respectively.

Throughout the first half each team was trading goals. Some literally moments apart from each other.  Red Machine’s Grant S., Jerimiah K., and Johnny E. scored first half goals for their team. Blazing Nuggets goalie Denny F. made a few key saves over the course of the first half. He made nine saves in the first fifteen minutes of the first half. The first half ended 4-3 Blazing Nuggets after a late Blazing Nuggets surge to come back from down 3-2. It was done so in the span of nearly two minutes. Blazing Nuggets had the Shots on Goal advantage as well: 14-12.

Red Machine (red) scores! Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

The second half was dominated by Blazing Nuggets. Even though Red Machine’s Blake S. flashed the glove a few times, and Red Machine’s defense gave up less shots than they did in the first half, Blazing Nuggets were able to pull away for the victory.  It was during the second half when Blazing Nuggets’ Andrew T. and Jason M. scored their two goals to Mitchell W.’s aforementioned five goals. Blazing Nuggets were also able to kill back-to-back power plays thanks to some great fore-checking by James K. to end the game.

Final Score: Blazing Nuggets 7 Red Machine 4

Shots on Goal: Blazing Nuggets 26 Red Machine 25

Next week, Blazing Nuggets plays the second place team, Puckin’ Monkeys at 8 P.M. Red Machine plays 1017 Brick Squad an hour beforehand.


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Game of the Week: Dukes of Hazard defeats Rover

Dukes of Hazard’s Russ B. (white) tries to attack the Rover (maroon) net. Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – No matter what time of the year it is, Dukes of Hazard (named after the FC Chelsea forward) and Rover are sure to be in the midst of a coed soccer session at the Epic Center. The last time a Rover-Dukes of Hazard matchup was featured on Game of the Week was July 13, 2018. Dukes of Hazard took this installment of their regular meetings in a 5-2 victory. Dukes of Hazard’s win puts them in a three way tie for first place with Wild Beard Oak Co. and Jive Beat.

Rover didn’t have three boys and three girls – as per Epic Center coed soccer rules – so they played the first half with five outfield players as opposed to the normal six. Rover started out the game defending well, but Dukes of Hazard scored three goals in a span of three minutes. Nate D. scored his first two of the game, and Russ B. opened the game’s scoring. Dukes of Hazard’s Kyle C. tallied one before the halftime buzzer to give his team a 4-0 lead.

A Dukes of Hazard (white) player and Rover (maroon) player fight for the ball. Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

To open the second half, Nate D. clinched a hat trick to make it 5-0. After some back and forth soccer, Rover finally got on the board with 10:24 left in the game. Rover’s leading goal scorer Brendan A. scored to make it 5-1. Two minutes later, Rover scored again. Rover’s captain Josh B. scored to make it 5-2 with 8:18 left. He accidentally hit a few players in the face with some deflections throughout the game, but he put it where the ball is supposed to go to close Dukes of Hazard’s lead to three. Rover wasn’t able to close the gap in the last few minutes of the game.

Final Score: Dukes of Hazard 5 Rover 2


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Game of the Week: Blazing Nuggets score six unanswered in comeback win

The opening faceoff of Blazing Nuggets (green) vs Puckin’ Monkeys (white/purple). Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – Both Blazing Nuggets and Puckin’ Monkeys came into Tuesday’s Game of the Week boasting 2-0-0-0 records, both tied for the lead in Tuesday Roller Hockey. Puckin’ Monkeys had (and still do) have something Blazing Nuggets didn’t; the title of reigning champs. In the end that didn’t matter as Blazing Nuggets won 8-6. They scored six unanswered goals, and overcame a 4-0 deficit, en route to the victory. Blazing Nuggets F Mitchell W. led the way with four goals.

Puckin’ Monkeys played very well in the first ten minutes of the game. Puckin’ Monkeys F Adam O. was able to score two goals in the matter of 38 seconds. He set up his teammate, Tyler H., with a nice cross rink pass that was put up in the top corner of the net. With 12 minutes left Puckin’ Monkeys had 3-0 lead.

At that point Blazing Nuggets started to gradually building up their SOG total and their possession time. Their efforts were tempered when Tyler H. scored on a breakaway to make it 4-0 with 5:06 left in the first half. Shortly after Blazing Nuggets earned, and subsequently cashed in, a powerplay. Blazing Nuggets F James K. who scored 3:23 left in the first half. Mitchell W. doubled Blazing Nuggets lead with 1:10 remaining to make it 4-2.

At halftime, Puckin’ Monkeys had double the amount of goals as Blazing Nuggets (4-2), but just as many shots (18-18). The netminders for Blazing Nuggets and Puckin’ Monkeys, Denny F. and Zach S. respectively, both made critical saves to keep the games’ goal total low.

Action from Puckin’ Monkeys (white/purple) vs Blazing Nuggets (green). Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

The second half was when the Blazing Nuggets onslaught started. Goals from James K. and Mitchell W. within the first seven minutes of the second half tied the game 4-4. Blazing Nuggets F William M.’s first and only goal of the night put his team ahead with 14:38 left.

30 seconds later, Puckin’ Monkeys got a breakaway – a chance to swing the momentum back their way – but Denny F. robbed it from them. At that point Blazing Nuggets led in SOG (28-23), getting ten to Puckin’ Monkeys’ five in the second half.

Mitchell W. scored Blazing Nuggets’ sixth unanswered goal with 6:55 left to make it 6-4. Puckin’ Monkeys Matt G scored to snap his team’s drought with 5:17 left. The goal was followed by a Puckin’ Monkeys timeout.

Blazing Nuggets drew two minor penalties with 3:53. This meant that best case scenario Puckin’ Monkeys would be shorthanded for the rest of the game, worst case scenario they give up two goals and get back to full strength. Something better than best case scenario happened, Matt G. scored a shorthanded goal to tie the game at six with 1:36 left. Puckin’ Monkeys fortunes tok a turn for the worst when Mitchell W. scored his fourth goal of the game, and the game-winning goal, with 1:15 left. He later added an empty net goal

Final Score: Blazing Nuggets 8 Puckin’ Monkeys 6 

Shots on Goal: Blazing Nuggets 35 Puckin’ Monkeys 30

Next Tuesday, Blazing Nuggets takes on 1017 Brick Squad and Puckin’ Monkeys takes on the Red Machine.


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Game of the Week: Referee Union shocks reigning champs

Action from BBS Canaries (yellow/green) vs Referee Union (maroon). Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – The 2019 Spring edition of Tuesday Men’s Soccer kicked off this past Tuesday with the reigning Tuesday Men’s Soccer Lower champions BBS Canaries taking on Referee Union (formerly known as the Bulldogs). The reigning champions were upended by Referee Union by a score of 5-1. Referee Union nearly tripled the Canaries SOG total (20-8). Nico N. and Tim C. each had two goals for Referee Union.

After getting out to a 6-1 SOG advantage, Nico N. slotted Referee Union’s first goal with 17:12 left in the first half. Tim C. netted his first for Referee Union nine minutes later to double Referee Union’s lead.

At halftime the score was still 2-0. Referee Union had a 10-3 SOG advantage. They were really putting pressure on BBS Canaries. Throughout most of the first half it was evident that Referee Union were making BBS Canaries uncomfortable with some physical play, and in turn getting in their heads. It was up to BBS Canaries to shake off Referee Union in the second half.

A player from Referee Union (marron) rising up to head the ball towards the BBS Canaries net (yellow and blue GK)

It was Referee Union who struck first in the second half as Nico N. scored by dribbling around the goalie and tapping the ball in to give Referee Union a 3-0 lead. 42 seconds after that goal was scored BBS Canaries forward Gabriel C. scored a highlight-worthy goal by volleying the ball past the Referee Union goalkeeper to put his team on the board.

After some back and forth (and more of the aforementioned physical) soccer, Tim C. scored to make it 4-1 Referee Union by slotting home a roughly 35-yard free kick, which deflected its way to the back of the net. With 3:33 left in the game, Referee Union’s A.A. K. blasted a shot to the back of the net to put the nail in the coffin.

Final Score: Referee Union 5 BBS Canaries 1

Shots on Goal: Referee Union 20 BBS Canaries 8

Next week BBS Canaries takes on International FC and Referee Union takes on Mad Lads United.


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Game of the Week: BBS Canaries win Tuesday Men’s Soccer Lower Championship


BBS Canaries pictured under their native Brazilian flag after winning the Tuesday Men’s Soccer Lower Championship. Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – Diehard fans of Epic Center Sports Report recall that I covered this exact matchup during the session, and it was put on display, this time with t-shirts on the line. 40+ fans packed the bleachers of Open Field 1 to witness the Tuesday Men’s Soccer Lower Championship. Those fans saw BBS Canaries hoist the famous Epic Center League Champions t-shirt as they defeated BCC Soccer by a score of 4-2. BBS Canaries forward Ricardo Costa led the way with two goals in the second half to help propel them to victory.

BCC came out firing on all cylinders. They registered five shots on goal before BBS Canaries got their first. BBS Canaries’ GK Gabriel answered the call turning away those shots. It wasn’t just Gabriel that flashed in the first half, as the Canaries defense did as well. They made two dramatic goal line clearances, one in each half of play.

The Canaries struck first with 8:20 left when it was Nico who put a laser in the top right corner of the net to make it 1-0. BCC F Bill scored his own laser three minutes later to tie the crowd at one. It sent the pro-BCC crowd into a frenzy. They were also sent into a frenzy when BCC GK Bonye L. made two acrobatic saves in the dying moments of the first half.

BCC Soccer (blue) taking the second half kickoff against BBS Canaries (yellow). Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

The score was 1-1 at halftime. They were also tied in SOG (10-10). To start the second half, the SOG stayed the same for the first few minutes as both teams were putting shots off target left and right. The first one that was put on target hit the back of the net. Canaries F Leonardo A. scored with 17:34 left after missing most of the first half with an ankle injury.

BCC dominated the next ten minutes. They held possession in the Canaries half for seven consecutive minutes, but couldn’t cash in as they missed a few opportunities including a crossbar hit and a (the aforementioned) goal line clearance by the Canaries. The Canaries were rewarded for their defensive efforts as Costa scored his first of two with 7:35 left to make it 3-1, Canaries.

Just a minute later, BCC Soccer captain Jared Greer curled in the back of the net from outside the 18 yard box. Off the ensuing kickoff, Costa went the length of the field and scored his second goal of the night, thus nullifying any momentum BCC had gained with Greer’s goal. That made the score 4-2 and that’s how it would end. BCC’s tactic to shift to a formation with two defenders in the back (as opposed to their usual three) was fruitless.

Canaries captain Thiago Matos was overcome with joy after winning the championship. He credited BCC for making it tough, and Costa on his two goal night.

“It was a tough game,” Matos said. “We’re not as young as they [BCC Soccer] are, so it was tough for us, but we did it … Ricardo Costa is the man of the match for sure. His two goals were incredible.”

Final Score: BBS Canaries 4 BCC Soccer 2

 Shots on Goal: BCC Soccer 19 BBS Canaries 15

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Game of the Week: D’Youvillage cruise to Tuesday Men’s Soccer Upper championship

Buffalo Celtic (green) forward Brandon V. lining up a shot against D’Youvillage goalie Kyle D. (blue) with an oncoming D’Youvillage defender. Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – D’Youvillage and Buffalo Celtic faced off in semifinals of the Tuesday Men’s Soccer Upper championship, playing the roles of first and fourth seed respectively. Buffalo Celtic set out to make an appearance in their sixth straight championship, while D’Youvillage was favorited in this one as the regular session champions. D’Youvillage handily defeated Buffalo Celtic, 7-2. D’Youvillage F Jake K. led the way with four goals. D’Youvillage will face BSC Sky in the Tuesday Men’s Soccer Upper championship next Tuesday.

It was Buffalo Celtic who initially led the game first, with Kevin McKenzie scoring with 20:32 left in the first half. From there on it was all D’Youvillage. With roughly ten minutes left in the first half, D’Youvillage scored two goals within the span of 37 seconds. Shortly after their spurt of goals they missed a few prime scoring chances. The score could’ve easily been 5-1 at that point. The only other goal that was scored in the first half was thanks to Jake K., it was his second of the night. It was scored with 5:19 left in the half and made the score 3-1 at that point.

At halftime D’Youvillage held a 3-1 lead on the scoreboard, but were tied with Buffalo Celtic in the Shots on Goal category (6-6).

Buffalo Celtic (green) taking an (Epic Center signature) indirect free kick against D’Youviilage (white). Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

Buffalo Celtic came out strong to start the second half. But D’Youvillage GK Kyle D. was up to the task as he made three saves in the first two minutes of the second half, including an (Epic Center signature) indirect free kick within the 18 yard box. Buffalo Celtic’s GK also made a great diving save with 18:02 left in the game.

Shortly after, Jake K. secured a hat trick to start a D’Youvillage 3-0 run that lasted 10 minutes and took a soccer ball as a casualty. Marco C. scored his second of the night and Josh H. scored his only goal of the night to make it 6-1 D’Youvillage. Buffalo Celtic’s Brandon V. and D’Youvillage’s Jake K. each swapped goals before the final buzzer rang to make the score 7-2.

Final Score: D’Youvillage 7 Buffalo Celtic 2 

Shots on Goal: D’Youvillage 19 Buffalo Celtic 15

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Team No Name Stun Mega Chargers in Lower Division Championship

Team No Name Official Championship Photo. Picture by Sean Goodwin

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY- It was a matchup so similar to Super Bowl 42 (New England Patriots lose to the Giants for their only loss of the season) that you could not rule out a possible upset. Undefeated Mega Chargers brought their 10-0 record, and their almost 500 point differential into the lower division championship game against Team No Name (5-5).  We all know the story behind Mega Chargers, and how they ran through all their opponents this year due to them being in the lower division at the start of the season.  They had the league leader in touchdowns (Mike Scibilia), and the league leader in sacks (Tom) who both won those by a wide margin.  Their Quarterback Nick Scibilia had a fantastic season throwing for 50 touchdowns in just 10 games, and capturing the league MVP.  Team No Name, on the other hand, was looking for a miracle of some sorts due to the fact they could barely keep the score close in their two losses to Mega Chargers during the season.  Team No Name got some bad news at the start of the game when it was made official that team captain and QB Tito was not going to be able to make it to the championship game on time.  Braves QB Chris Lonzi was able to fill in for Tito, and what a game it would be for Lonzi and the team “without a name”.

The game got off to typical Mega Chargers fashion as in just two plays they scored their first touchdown. It was another terrific Scibilia brother connection, this time it was Joe Scibilia who hauled in a 57 yard pass from his brother Nick, and then converted the PAT for a 7-0 lead. Team No Name then had their first possession, and it did not take long for their great pass rushers to make an impact.  Tom had a very clever spin move rush on third and long, and finished it with a quick sack on Lonzi which gave the ball right back to the red-hot Chargers offense.  It was on No Name’s next drive where the referees started to get involved and the game took a turn in major way for Team No Name.  It was fourth down from about twenty yards out and Lonzi was engulfed in pressure from Tom and Tim Rosaci once again, and barely got the ball out of his hands before his flag was pulled.  A flag on the field led to an automatic first down and a golden chance for Team No Name to tie the score before the end of the half.  It was a roughing the passer call on Tom, who was not happy at all with the call along with the entirety of the Mega Chargers’ bench.  In just two plays, Team No Name capitalized on their golden opportunity when Michael Castro ran a perfect out route to find himself open for a Lonzi pass to the corner to put Team No Name on the board.  Following a great play on the PAT, Team No Name tied the game at 7 with only a couple minutes left on the clock for the first half.  The half ended with that same score, 7-7.

It was clear during halftime that this was not going to be any type of blowout game for Mega Chargers. Mike Scibilia was held out of the end zone in the first half for the first time all season by simple man coverage from Michael Castro.  The upset became more believable once the second half started, as on Team No Name’s second play from scrimmage Lonzi had one of his best runs of the season.  From 35 yards out, Lonzi had one of his best rushes all season as he avoided sure-tacklers Matt Cassick and Don Yavicoli to put Team No Name in the lead 13-7.  However, this game was far from over and Mega Chargers were able to grab a point on Team No Names PAT due to a Lonzi Interception.  Then, in typical Meg Chargers fashion, Nick Scibilia connected on a deep ball to a wide-open Dean Thompson to put Mega Chargers back ahead 15-13.  Sam Figueroa made a crucial mistake in letting Dean go past him when Figueroa had the deep third as part of Team No Name’s cover three defense.  Fortunately for Team No Name this turned out to be their final mistake of the game.  The defense held strong after a quick three and out gave the ball right back to Lonzi and Damon Powell with about eight minutes remaining on the clock. Lonzi completed a short pass to Dame on first down to reset the chains which milked some precious time off the clock for Mega Chargers.  It came down to a fourth down play from twelve yards out with only two minutes left on the clock.  Mohammed Saleh made his first big impact on the game from the offensive perspective and hauled in what would the championship-winning touchdown from another perfect throw from Lonzi.  With such little time on the clock it was looking very bleak for Mega Chargers, and with a four-point deficit they just could not move the ball at a fast pace. The game ended 19-15 in favor of the massive underdogs Team No Name.

The hardest part of this review is deciding who was the player of the game for Team No Name. The complete defensive effort is what allowed them to take down high-scoring Mega Chargers, especially finishing the game with only 19 points.   Anthony had the teams only sacks, and every starter on defense had at least one flag grab.  Lonzi fit in very well for Tito with a stat line of 16-20 for 188 yards and two touchdowns.  Lonzi also had 55 yards rushing and a touchdown in that department as well.  Damon Powell and Michael Castro both had four catches and Mo Saleh deserves immense praise for his game-winning score.  A fantastic finish to a season with ups and downs but of course that means nothing to the guys who were holding the trophy in the end. Congratulations to Team No Name on one of the biggest upsets in Epic Center history.