Game of the Week: Wristers score four in the second


WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – Two teams that were 2-0-0-1 faced off in this week’s Game of the Week. They were tied in the Tuesday Rolle Hockey Mixed standings coming in, but after the final buzzer, it was the Royal Wristers who pulled ahead. The Wristers beat the Puckhounds 4-1, outshooting them 38-21. Blaine B. and Chase M. had two goals each for the Wristers, each happening in the second half.

It was obvious from the get go that the Wristers were going to get pucks on net, and lots of them. Through the first three minutes of the game they registered six shot on net. Despite putting up 15 shots in the first 16 minutes of the game, it was Puckhounds who weathered the storm and scored first. Cody. L scored the team’s only goal on a breakaway. It was the only goal scored in the first half.

Even though the Puckhounds lost, let’s not gloss over the great game Puckhounds’ goalie Zach S. had, he flashed the leather all game, especially in the second half making a few great glove save in a row. With 18:10 left in the second half, The Royal Wristers got on the board thanks to Blaine B. scoring his first of the game, and scoring again six minutes later to put the Wristers ahead. The Puckhounds spent most of the second half trying to get a second goal but could not. Wristers’ forward Chase M. put two nails in the Puckhounds’ coffin (one of them being a clap bomb) with 4:33 left and 2:28 left in the game respectively.

Final Score: Royal Wristers 4 Puckhounds 1

Shots on Goal: Royal Wristers 38 Puckhounds 21


Three Stars

First Star – Blaine B., Royal Wristers

His two goals were the game-tying goal and the game-winning goal – momentum swinging goals

Second Star – Chase M., Royal Wristers

His two goals sealed the deal. His second one was a rocket off his stick.

Third Star – Zach S., Puckhounds

The Puckhounds goalie stopped 34 shots, 20 in the first half alone.


News and Notes

Be on the lookout for a throwback version of the Game of the Week coming out in two weeks 👀.


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Game of the Week: Canaries defeat Team Team Team

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – This week’s Game of the Week featured a matchup of teams with opposite records. BBS Canaries came in boasting an undefeated record (1-0-0,) while Team Team Team (0-0-2) boasted a “defeated” record. Nothing about that sentence changed at the final buzzer as Canaries went on to beat Team Team Team by as score of 3-2.

Just a few minutes after the opening kickoff, Team Team Team had a chance to score on a breakaway but it was shut down by Isaak D., the Canaries goalkeeper. The first goal of the night was scored shortly after by Canaries forward Ricardo C. with 18:48 left in the first half. Canaries forward Leandro D. scored the team’s second goal in off of a corner with roughly nine minutes left in first half.

Brandon H. answered back with Team Team Team’s first goal with 6:32 left in the half. Team Team Team was unable to fully erase the Canaries lead score was 2-1 and both teams mustered 11 shots combined, the Canaries had seven of them.

History repeated itself as Issak D. made another great play to break up a Team Team Team to start the second half. Speaking of goalies, Canaries defender made a great heads up play to score his team’s third goal. He caught the Team Team Team goalie out of his net, and capitalized by scoring a long-distance banger over the goalie and a couple defenders.

Brandon H.’s second goal also came on a great heads up play. With 5:14 left, everyone on the Canaries had thought Team Team Team preformed an illegal throw in, so they all stopped and set up to take their own throw in. Only problem was, the whistle hadn’t blown and Brandon H. took advantage. Just a goal behind, Team Team Team threw the kitchen sink at the Canaries to tie the game, but their efforts were futile.

Final Score: BBS Canaries 3 Team Team Team 2

Shots: BBS Canaries 17 Team Team Team 15



Three Stars


First Star – Issak D., BBS Canaries

Dawning a Spiderman-esque red and blue keeper uniform, he channeled his inner superhero to stop 13 shots, including two breakaways, on the way to the victory.

Second Star – Brandon H., Team Team Team

He scored 100% of Team Team Team’s goals on Tuesday night.

Third Star – Ricardo C., BBS Canaries

His first half goal was the game-winning goal, and made him the Canaries leading goal scorer.


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Game of the Week: Puckhounds beat Calspan Jets to get second win

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – Puckhounds and Calspan Jets faced off in their second game of the session. Puckhounds beat 1017 Brick Sqaud to open their session and Calspan Jets lost to the Red Machine to open their session. In the end, history repeated itself as Puckhounds beat the Jets 9-5, outshooting the Jets by a 35-25 margin. Puckhounds had six different goal scorers. The star for the Jets was goalie Greg L. before he exited with an injury.

Calspan Jets’ Colton M. opened the scoring with 20:21 left. Puckhounds responded quickly with a goal on a tap in, it was right on the Jets’ doorstep. Skyler B. (pictured) scored with just over 15 minutes left to give Puckhounds a 2-1 lead. After killing a power play, things were looking better for the Jets. They then conceded to make it 3-1 with 4:10 left in the first half. However, Dominic S. cut the Jets’ defecit in half with a quick response. At halftime the score was 3-2 Puckhounds, they also led in SOG; 17-10.

To start the second half, Calspan Jets tied the game, but Puckhounds responded again to make it 4-3. With 18:47 Jets goalie Greg L. made a string of highlight-esque saves, that had both benches giving him stick taps. He’d been stopping a bunch of shots, but these saves were what some would call jaw-dropping. Unfortunately, with 12:04 he injured himself shortly thereafter and was out for the rest of the game. To cope, the Jets got a goalie from the game going on after the conclusion of the Game of the Week.

Galvanized, the Jets tied the game at four a piece with 11:12 left. Off the ensuing faceoff, Puckhounds embarked on what became a 3-0 run on over the following four minutes. After back and forth hockey, with four minutes left, #4 scord his second goal of the game for the Jets to make it 7-5. Cody L. and Charlie B. added on goals for the Jets to make the score 9-5 in garbage time, and that’s where it ended.

Final Score: Puckhounds 9 Calspan Jets 5

Shots: Puckhounds 35 Calspan Jets 25



Three Stars



First Star – Greg L., Calspan Jets

When you make saves that get both benches to give you stick taps, and give up your body to the game, you’re the first star.

Second Star – Skyler B., Puckhounds

He scored two goals, including the game-winning goal.

Third Star – Shawn G., Puckhounds

He also scored two goals en route to the victory.


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Game of the Week: Mad Lads United open with 4-0 win


WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – The Fall session kicked off with various sports playing the first game on their schedules. Mad Lads United, the fefending champions, defeated newcomers Arsenal Boys 4-0 to kick off this session of Tuesday Men’s Soccer Blue (there’s a Blue league and a Green league this session). Ostap O. led the way with two goals and Cody H. had a shutout in net for the defending champs.

Both teams were relatively slow in the first half. Mad Lads United had to shake off the rust off that accumulated after taking a few weeks off since the summer session ended. As for Arsenal Boys, it was their first official game together, so they were getting acquainted with each other on the pitch. The teams combined for five shots through the first 17 minutes of the first half.

Action picked up towards the end of the first half as Arsenal Boys made a couple goal line clearances. They couldn’t stop them all as Mad Lads’ Ostap O. scored two, including one with 4.5 seconds left. His two goals added onto a 1-0 lead that was earned by Mad Lads’ Audi when he scored with 10:09 left. The score was 3-0 Mad Lads at halftime, they also had a 7-5 SOG advantage.

Mad Lads United’s backline showed out in the second half. They stopped Arsenal Boys attacks left and right, forcing turnovers and/or shots that were sent wide. I’d wager that Arsenal Boys would’ve let the SOG category and probably scored a couple had Mad Lads’ defense not been as strong. Mad Lads United goalkeeper Cody H. also made a few key saves, 12 overall. Mad Lads United winger Lucas M. put the nail in the coffin when he sniped the top corner of the net with a free kick with 8:18 left in the game.

Final Score: Mad Lads United 4 Arsenal Boys 0

Shots: Mad Lads United 13 Arsenal Boys 12

Three Stars

First Star – Cody H. and the Mad Lads United defense

It doesn’t matter the opponent, earning a shutout at the Epic Center is tough and that’s exactly what they did.

Second Star – Ostap O.

Like a shutout, two goals is nothing to scoff at.

Third Star – Lucas M. 

His second half free kick was a thing of beauty.

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Game of the Week (Abbreviated): Puckin’ Monkeys crowned champions

The Puckin’ Monkeys championship picture. Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – The top two seeds of the Tuesday Roller Hockey playoffs faced off in the championship on Tuesday night. Puckin’ Monkeys won their second consecutive session championship by beating Blazing Nuggets 8-7 in overtime. After being down 7-3 at one point, Blazing Nuggets scored four consecutive goals in the second half to tie things up before regulation ended, including a goal with 20.1 seconds left. Puckin’ Monkeys Matthew M., one of five Puckin’ Monkeys goal scorers on Tuesday, scored the championship-deciding goal to earn his team ‘League Champs’ t-shirts. James K. and Mitchell W. led the way for Blazing Nuggets, each tallying four points.

Final Score: Puckin’ Monkeys 8 Blazing Nuggets 7

Three Stars

Puckin’ Monkeys will once again have their names engraved on the Epic Cup.*

First Star – Matthew M., Puckin’ Monkeys

If scoring the game-winning goal in overtime of the championship isn’t worthy of a first star nod, I don’t know what is.

Second Star – Adam O. & Shawn A., Puckin’ Monkeys

They both tallied two goals and an assist each to help win the Tuesday Roller Hockey championship. 

Third Star – James K., Blazing Nuggets

He tallied three goals and an assist. He also finished the session as the top point-getter in all of Tuesday Roller Hockey notching 22 goals and 12 assists.



This is the last Game of the Week until our September session kicks off. Thank you for all the support!


* – Name subject to change

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Game of the Week: Puckin’ Monkeys win gritty playoff game

A Puckin’ Monkeys (White/) rush vs Red Machine (red/orange). Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – Last Tuesday night, fans at the Epic Center were treated to a rematch of last session’s Tuesday Roller Hockey Lower Championship as Puckin’ Monkeys and Red Machine faced off in the two vs three matchup of this session’s playoffs. Both teams battled and fought (literally), but in the end Puckin’ Monkeys secured a spot in the championship beating Red Machine 6-4. They’ll face Blazing Nuggets next Tuesday.



A faceoff in the Red Machine (red/orange) zone. Picture by James Krolikowski.

Red Machine got out to a 2-0 lead, and killed a power play, in the first ten minutes of the game. Then, Puckin’ Monkeys forward Jeremy K. scored two goals in a four-minute span to tie the game at two apiece. As the game progressed, both teams started to get chippy. There was a combined six minutes by the end of the first half (more on that later). With 1:47 left, Grant S. scored to give Red Machine a 3-2 lead. His shot gave Red Machine a one goal, and one shot, advantage at halftime.

With 15:47 left in the second half, Red Machine looked like they were going to strike as they had a three on one, but Puckin’ Monkeys’ Greg S. laid out to stop a cross crease pass, and blocked a shot just a few moments later. That play shifted the momentum in the game. With 13:30 left, Robert W. scored his first of the game to give Puckin’ Monkeys their first lead of the game, and Tyler H. scored with a snipe to give Puckin’ Monkeys a 5-3 lead. His goal prompted Red Machine to call a timeout and regroup.

With 6:05 Puckin’ Monkeys went on their third power play of the game. Puckin’ Monkeys then chose to kill the clock rather than extend the lead. Red Machine then took another penalty, giving Puckin’ Monkeys a four on two. Red Machine was able to kill that off, and score with 49.7 seconds left. Robert W. scored his second of the game to put the nail in Red Machine’s coffin, and lock up a spot in the championship next Tuesday.

Final Score: Puckin’ Monkeys 6 Red Machine 4

Shots on Goal: Puckin’ Monkeys 29 Red Machine 23


Three Stars



The game’s second star Robert W. (white) threads a pass by a Red Machine (red) defender  Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

First Star – Jeremy K., Puckin’ Monkeys

Jeremy K. notched a hat trick to help get his team to the championship


Second Star – Robert W., Puckin’ Monkeys

Robert W. had two critical goals that helped beat Red Machine


Third Star – Blake S., Red Machine

The Red Machine goalie stopped 23 shots in the contest.



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Game of the Week: Mad Lads United win first ever Tuesday Men’s Soccer championship

The Mad Lads United championship photo. Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – Last Tuesday night, the one and two seed met in the Tuesday Men’s Soccer championship. Mad Lads United took down the defending champion International FC 2-1 after an enthralling penalty kick shootout. Pedro and George T. scored in regulation, but it was Mad Lads’ Ostap O. who scored the game-winning penalty kick in the last round of the shootout.



Ostap O. buries the game winning penalty kick in the last round of the penalty kick shootout. Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

Mad Lads United came out in their usual 3-1-2 formation while International FC came out in the standard 3-3 formation. Much like their lineups, everything was calculated in the first half, and throughout the entire game. Each team was precise in their passes, and stout on defense. The shots on goal total at the end of the first reflected that; 5-3 in favor of Mad Lads United. The one shot that hit the back of the net was a banger. Pedro rifled a knuckleball in with 42.5 seconds left from just outside the center circle.

The second half started with a couple near misses by International FC. The second half featured more of the same: calculated soccer. International FC’s George T. tied the game with 5:08 left when he scored a free kick from just outside the 18-yard-box. No one else scored in regulation, so for the second week in a row, an Epic Center championship game went to a five round penalty shootout.

International FC won the coin toss and elected to shoot first. Both teams exchanged goals in the first two rounds of the shootout. In the third round Jake, the Mad Lads Untied goalkeeper, shut the door and afterwards his team converted. Both teams swapped goals in the fourth round. George T., the International FC’s leading scorer, converted the team’s final penalty kick. Ostap O. stepped up to the plate and buried his penalty kick to secure the championship for Mad Lads United

Final Score: Mad Lads United 2 International FC 1

Shots on Goal: International FC 10 Mad Lads United 9

Three Stars


Action from the Tuesday Men’s Soccer championship featuring Mad Lads United (orange) and International FC (white). Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

First Star – Ostap O., Mad Lads United 

His clutch goal in the fifth round of the shootout won the championship.


Second Star – Pedro, Mad Lads United

His goal was one of the many highlights of the championship.


Third Star – George T., International FC

George T. scored in regulation and the penalty kick shootout in the championship.


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