Mad Lads tied for first with win over Quack Attack: Game of the Week

Mad Lads United attacker Lucas Metzger (Orange #5) looks to pass. Picture by Franklin Heinzmann

On Tuesday, The Quack Attack took on Mad Lads United. Both teams were 2-1 heading into the game, and with Bulldogs’ defeat over The Roos, a share of the top of the standings was on the line.

After a couple of shots on target from both sides, Mad Lads United attacker Lucas Metzger scored the game’s first goal with 23:19 left in the first half. After that goal was given up, The Quack Attack adjusted their strategy to always keep a defender behind the halfway line. With 19:42 left, The Quack Attack were awarded a penalty. Scott Panullo converted the penalty to even the score at one a piece. With 15:14 left in the first half, The Quack Attack defender Adam Bir made a great goal line clearance which saved a goal. With 13:30 left in the half, Niko Kotzambasis scored his first of the night to give Mad Lads United a 2-1 lead.

Up until that point, Mad Lads United had been dominating the game in terms of possession and shots on target, but after Kotzambasis’ goal, The Quack Attack got more aggressive offensively adding three shots on target within the span of two minutes. Unfortunately, it didn’t pay off. After another five minutes of classic Epic Center soccer, Metzger scored his second of the night on a low driven shot with 4:37 left in the half to make it 3-1 in favor of Mad Lads Untied. The score held into halftime.

At halftime the shots on target were 7-4 in favor of Mad Lads United. Towards the end of the first half, both teams got tired quicker than teams usually do. This can be attributed to the temperature inside Open Field 1, where every Tuesday Men’s Soccer game is played. Substitutes were made more and more by each team as the game wore on.

The second half started out hot. Mad Lads United attacker Ostap Tkalich scored right of the opening kickoff to make it 4-1 in favor of Mad Lads United. On the ensuing kickoff, The Quack Attack went down the field and earned a corner. Zach Jividen scored a header off of the corner kick to make it 4-2 with 22:11 left in the game. After about six minutes of evenly played soccer, Kotzambasis scored his second of the game. He scored on a half-volley kick from just outside the 18-yard box. The ball came off of his foot faster than a bullet out of a pistol.

Five minutes later, Metzger scored his third goal of the night to earn a hat trick. Metzger’s goal put Mad Lads United ahead by a score of 6-2 with 11:10 left in the game. It was assisted by Tkalich who put his opposing defender in a blender before setting up Metzger for the goal. After that point, each team added a couple more shots a piece, but the energy that the game provided had died. It could be attributed to the lack of backups each team had in reserve, the temperature, or simply because either team couldn’t convert any chance they created.

Final Score: Mad Lads United 6 The Quack Attack 2


There will be no Game of the Week next week. I plan on covering a Tuesday Roller Hockey game for the next installment of the Game of the Week.

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Flashy goals help Dukes of Hazard beat No Fuchs Given: Game of the Week


No Fuchs Given defender Dan Moreno (black) looks to pass back to Alex Bratos (gray) and avoid an oncoming attacker (white). Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.


Dukes of Hazard and No Fuchs Given faced off to start the summer session of Tuesday Coed Soccer on Tuesday night. The rosters of Dukes of Hazard and No Fuchs given are both filled with players who have been playing at the Epic Center for many years. Dukes Of Hazard is named after a combination of the TV series “Dukes of Hazzard” and Chelsea FC winger Eden Hazard. The name No Fuchs Given is a reference to Christian Fuchs, a player on Leicester City F.C. of the English Premier League.

The game started without much urgency. Each team spent the first ten minutes or so feeling each other out; getting a sense of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. With 14:38 left in the first half, Nina Komosinski scored to put No Fuchs Given ahead 1-0. It was the first shot on target by either team, and it ended up in the back of the net. Exactly 10 minutes later, after each team split the amount of shots on target, Dan Hill scored for Dukes Of Hazard to tie the score at one a piece. With 3:20 left in the first half, Sierra (no last name given) scored off of a rebound scored for Dukes of Hazard to give them the 2-1 lead.

At halftime the score was 2-1. No Fuchs Given kept trying to catch Austin Franclemont, goalie for Dukes of Hazard, out of the net but to no avail. Each team knew the task at hand and went out to try and achieve it in the second half: win.

The first shot of the second half was fantastically saved by Alex Bratos, goalie for No Fuchs Given, who kicked out his left leg to stop the ball from going in the net.  Shortly after, Louise Galuski took a shot from the corner of the 18-yard-box that curled around the goalie, went off of the crossbar and in. It was one of the best goals I’ve seen in about a year working at the Epic Center. Galuski’s bar-down goal gave Dukes of Hazard a 3-1 lead.

With 15:55 left in the second half, Dan Hill scored his second of the night to make it 4-1 in favor of Dukes of Hazard. With 12:54 left in the second half, Dukes of Hazard’s Guenther Boyd chipped it over Bratos to give his team a 5-1 lead. It looked just like a teardrop shot from Golden State Warriors PG Steph Curry, which floats in the air before landing over the head of the defender (in this case the goalie). Though No Fuchs Given’s deficit had grown from one to four in a span of 10 minutes, they still played to the best of their abilities. Komosinski earned and converted a penalty to score her second of the night to close Dukes of Hazard’s lead to 5-2.

After Komosinski scored the penalty, No Fuchs Given started to play much more aggressively; getting more shots within the last 10 minutes than they did through out the game leading up to that point. To counter No Fuchs Given’s attack, Dukes of Hazard switched to a 4-2 formation instead of the standard 3-3 formation (that every soccer team of every league at Epic Center plays). The tactical decision to drop am attacker back ended up working out for Dukes of Hazard as they secured the 5-2 win.

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Bulldogs/Mad Lads United decided by one goal in session opener: Game of the Week

Bulldogs goalie Anthony Grabp (yellow) looks to send a goal kick to one of his teammates (white), but Mad Lads United defenders (black) are lurking. Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.


On Tuesday, the summer session of Men’s Soccer kicked off. Bulldogs and Mad Lads United (MLU) faced off in the 10 P.M. game. Bulldogs is one of only two teams that are playing from the Tuesday and Wednesday Spring sessions to play over the summer. MLU, the team formerly known as Manchesthair United, rebranded and switched from red t-shirts to black t-shirts.

This game wasn’t very entertaining from a goal-scoring standpoint, but both goalies put on quite a show. Anthony Grabp, goalie for Bulldogs, made a great save on a MLU two-on-one just two minutes into the game. In the ensuing minutes Austin Long, goalie for MLU, made a diving save to keep the game tied at zero. With 8:42 left in the first half, MLU defender Niko Kotzambasis scored after joining the attack to create a mismatch. After the goal was scored, momentum clearly shifted to MLU’s side. Despite having momentum they couldn’t convert another goal before the buzzer rang to end the half.

The score was 1-0 at halftime. The moods of each team at halftime were polar opposite of each other. MLU was happy, laughing, and very light in nature. Bulldogs was deflated, quiet and very serious. Bulldogs were acting as if their one goal deficit was a nine goal deficit.

To start the second half, three different MLU attackers hit the post. It was clear the momentum from Kotzambasis’ first half goal carried into the second half. As time dwindled down it was clear, Grabp was single handily keeping Bulldogs in the game making saves left and right. The greatest chance for Bulldogs to score came with 7:21 left, but Long made his best save of the night (not just in this game but out of all three games played on Tuesday). Long saved a shot with his fingertips while he was fully extended in mid-air. That save was the last turning point in the game. Long and MLU shut down Bulldogs for the remaining seven minutes and secured the 1-0 victory to open the session.


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We Need A Sub’s comeback win secures a spot in the championship: Game of the Week

Algino Monkeys forward Micheal Waczkowski (#22) takes a shot on We Need A Sub’s (Red) net. Picture by Franklin Heinzmann

Last night, the number two seeded Algino Monkeys took on the number three seeded We Need A Sub in one of two Yellow Roller Hockey League playoff games last night. The two teams each one a game when they faced each other in the regular season twice.

On the first shot of the game, from either team, Jesse Koester scored for Algino Monkeys to make it 1-0. Algino Monkeys forward David Tornabene scored his team’s second goal of the game with 18:04 left in the first half. We Need A Sub made their first mark of the game with 15:22 left in the first half when Michael Shields scored. On the ensuing faceoff, Koester scored his second of the game to make it 3-1 Algino Monkeys. Then, We Need A Sub’s Andrew Clark scored his first of the game to make it 3-2. Much like the last goal We Need A Sub scored, Koester scored on the ensuing faceoff to make it 4-2. With 11:02 left in the first half Algino Monkeys’ Jake Farey scored to make it 5-2.

After 7 total goals from both teams in the first 11 minutes in the first half, you’d think goals would be scored left and right. But only one goal was scored for the rest of the half. It was scored by Algino Monkeys’ Farey and was assisted by Micheal Waczkowski to make it 6-2 with 1:26 left in the first half. The score held until the buzzer. Shots at halftime were 19-15 in favor of Algino Monkeys. The shot difference was the same as the goal difference.

To start out the second half, We Need A Sub’s Shields went five-hole and scored to make it 6-3. Shields’ teammate Robert Chabanne tacked on another just 1:03 later to make it 6-4. After a shaky first half, We Need A Sub goaltender Evan Cage really stepped it up in the second half and made some great saves. Including the one that he made on an Algino Monkeys forward that led to We Need A Sub’s fifth goal scored by Shields. With 14:47 left, We Need A Sub had cut their deficit to one and had momentum on their side. With 13:20 left in the second half, Nick Koch scored the game tying goal for We Need a Sub. That goal was the fourth unanswered We Need A Sub goal. Algino Monkeys regathered themselves and scored with 8:25 left in the second half. With 2:51 left, Algino Monkeys made a clutch save, stopping We Need A Sub’s 2 on 1.

Shortly thereafter, Clark scored to tie it up at seven. After a very intense two minutes of roller hockey filled with shots, saves, dekes, and more, the score was tied and the clock was ticking. With 12.7 seconds left, Clark scored his third and what turned out to be the game winning goal.

The final score was 8-7 in favor of We Need A Sub. The shot total ended 34-33 in favor of We Need A Sub. Like the first half, the shot difference was the same as the goal difference.

With their upset win, We Need A Sub advances to the Roller Hockey Yellow Championship to face Molokai Cops with t-shirts on the line. The game will be May 16 at 9:00 P.M. and it might even be the game I cover for next week’s Game of the Week article *insert thinking face emoji*.

Lethal Weapons three-peat as champs: Game of the Week

Lethal Weapons have won the past three Saturday Flag Football League championships. Picture by Franklin Heinzmann

Lethal Weapons and Flag U faced off in the Saturday Men’s Flag Football League championship. Lethal Weapons and Flag U were seeded finished first and second, respectively, in the regular season. The season series between the two teams split the season series 1-1, with an average margin of defeat being only 7.5. With two very evenly matched teams this was sure to be a great game, and it was.

The game started off with Matt Mann catching a TD in the back of the endzone to put Flag U up 6-0. Flag U failed the two-point conversion so the score remained 6-0 with just over 20 minutes left in the second half. On the ensuing drive Lethal Weapons marched down the field and capped it off with a TD scored by Anthony Hitton on a drag route. Lethal Weapons failed their two-point try so the score was tied at six.

On the next drive Hitton sacked Flag U’s QB, Aaron Ertel, on third down forcing them to go three and out. Lethal Weapons ran into the same problem. It was 4thdown with 11:08 to go and Lethal Weapons decided to go for it. They failed, but a roughing the passer penalty gave them a fresh set of downs. The drive ended on a TD from Kerr Roland. Their two-point attempt was good. Lethal Weapons took a 14-6 lead with 8:43 left in the first half.

The next drive ended with Flag U receiver Nick Jones leaping over his defender to catch a touchdown after Ertel scrambled out of the pocket and threw a jump ball for Jones to snag. Flag U didn’t convert their two-point try and the score was 14-12. On the first play of Lethal Weapons drive, Flag U’s cornerback Aaron Rhiback picked off Lethal Weapons QB Mike Chuchla and took it to the house to give Flag U a 18-16 lead going into halftime. The score held into halftime.

The second half started just like the first half ended. Joe Miller, of Flag U, got an interception but didn’t take it to the endzone. He made up for it by scoring a TD on a well-run post route. The score then became 24-16. Lethal Weapons responded with a bang.

Chuchla launched a ball down the right sideline and its was caught by Roland. It was the catch of the game and would easily be trending on Twitter. Unfortunately, no one caught it on their phone (if anyone did tweet us @epicctr). The drive was capped with a touchdown by Dakarei Hubbard. Lethal Weapons tied it up at 24 on a successful two-point conversion with about 17 minutes to go in the game.

Flag U’s next drive started with a Damon Powell catch and run. Thanks to Powell’s smooth moves he got his team a first down and on the endzone’s doorstep. Aaron Ertel ran it in himself for a TD to make it 30-24 Flag U. Another failed Flag U two-point attempt hindered them from extending the lead eight. Lethal Weapons responded with a TD of their own. Roland caught his third TD of the night in the back of the endzone. Letha Weapons then bucked the trend and only went for one extra point. They converted to make it 31-30 with 9:45 to go in the game.

On the ensuing drive Lethal Weapons held Flag U to a 4th and inches. Powell ran a quick drag route and converted. It could’ve been curtains for Flag U if they had not converted. However, Lethal Weapons didn’t let them score despite letting them get a first down. Flag U then faced another critical decision: punt or go for the score. Flag U chose to punt with 3:40 left in a Rex Ryan-esque coaching decision. Thanks to two long runs by Chuchla, Lethal Weapons then bled the clock and got it down to 48.9 seconds.

The game was on the line for Flag U. Any score and Flag U would be champions. Flag U got a first down but took most of the time off of the clock. With 10 seconds left they had two shots at the endzone and came up empty. Lethal Weapons were then crowned champions with Epic Center League Champs t-shirts.


Congrats to Lethal Weapons on a great championship session!

GPS take the third trophy in The Championship Trilogy: Game of the Week

GPS after winning their second championship in three sessions. Picture by Amanda Karneth.


GPS and Buffalo Celtic (formerly known as Celtic and Rusty Buffalo Celtic) met for the third consecutive session in the championship game. Each team has a championship victory between them. This session’s championship meant a lot more, because it gives the winning team the overall titles lead in the rivalry, and it is the last one before the summer starts.

The game started out with a good amount of chances missed by both teams. GPS’ Tony C. was able to convert on a goal that was curled in past the keeper to make it 1-0. The rest of the half was filled with fierce and very highly talented soccer. Aitor F., captain of GPS, scored with 45 seconds left in the half to make it 2-0. The score was 2-0 at halftime

Franscesco C. scored back-to-back goals to start out the second half. His second one, and the fourth team goal, was scored after he put on a great spin move to put the Buffalo Celtic defender in a twist to get past him to score the goal. The score was 4-1 with just over 15 minutes left in the game. With 12 minutes to go, Buffalo Celtic’s Brandon V. scored a penalty to make it 4-1. In an effort to ignite a comeback, Buffalo Celtic shifted to a high press in order to make GPS uncomfortable and possibly create more turnovers. That didn’t phase GPS one bit. GPS went on to score two more goals. The goals were scored by Fabio M. and Tony C. respectively. They used great passing to overcome Celtic’s high press strategy. To cap off the night GPS scored one more goal to make the score 7-1, an that’s where it ended.

Congrats to GPS on a great championship session!


Be sure to come back next Thursday for the next Game of the Week


Regulation Hair Loss takes on High Slot Clap Bombs in Roller Hockey Blue semifinals: Game of the Week

Picture taken by Franklin Heinzmann

The regular season series between Regulation Hair Loss (RHL) and High Slot Clap Bombs (HSCB) finished at 2-1 in favor of HSCB. RHL finished the regular season third and HSCB finished the regular season in second

The game started out with two quick goals from HSCB’s Tyler Landahl. HSCB showed that they meant business. After a scrum in front, William George scored to make it 2-1 with 16:54 left in the first half. With 14:10 to go in the half, HSCB Zach Fisher scored to make it 3-1. The goal was assisted by James Krolikowski. Just two minutes later the pair linked up again for another goal. The goal came on a 2 on 1 after a between the legs pass from Korlikowski. If there were any cameras recording the game, the play would’ve easily made it onto Sportscenter’s Top Ten plays. The score was 4-1 after that goal. RHL’s Christopher Rogers responded with a goal to make it 4-2. With five minutes to go, Landahl scored his third goal of the night to secure a hat trick. With five minutes to go, HSCB scored their sixth goal. Krolikowski and Fisher perfected the give-and-go for Krolikowski to score. Just before halftime, RHL’s Aaron Crane scored right before the end of the half.

The score at halftime was 6-3 with HSCB ahead. Shots were 17-16 in favor of HSCB.

RHL started out the second half with a 3-0 run over the course of the first six minutes of the half. Goals were scored by George, Crane, and Shawn Allen in order. Just thirty seconds after RHL tied the game up, Rogers scored his second goal of the night to give RHL their first lead of the night. HSCB responded with a great offensive possession that finished with Jake Sinclair scoring his first and only goal of the night to tie it at seven. With 11:30 left, Fisher scored a goal on a great shot to make it 8-7 HSCB. After some really intense roller hockey, Rogers scored off of a faceoff in HSCB zone to tie it at eight. With six minutes to go, Rogers scored again to give his team the lead. It was the first time RHL had gotten ahead by two goals. Taking that into consideration, RHL put three of their better defenders on the rink as opposed to the usual to attackers and two defensemen. The strategy paid off as countless pushes from HSCB came up short, even when HSCB pulled their goalie. To cap off the valiant defensive effort, Crane scored an empty net goal to secure the win.

The final score was 11-9. Shots were tied at 29 a piece. RHL will play Spartans in the championship on Tuesday at 7 P.M.. With ‘Epic Center League Champions’ shirts on the line, it will surely be a game to remember.

All Spartans all the time: Game of the Week


A face-off in High Slot Clap Bombs’ zone after goalie Corey Fohrd (right) made a nice save. Photo by Franklin Heinzmann

On Tuesday night, the top two teams in Tuesday Night Roller Hockey’s Blue division went head to head. Spartans and High Slot Clap Bombs (HSCB) always play very tight and competitive games. The season series was 2-1 in favor of Spartans heading into the game. Spartans went into the game going for a win. On the other hand, HSCB was looking to stay sharp.

“This game doesn’t really mean anything,” said James Krolikowski, captain of HSCB. “We’re settled in on second place so it’s just about coming out of here healthy for the playoffs.”

Spartans started the scoring on a 2 on 0. The goal was scored by Adam Owczarczak and assisted by Scott Matthews. Mitch Francemore scored his first goal for Spartans to make it 2-0. He was almost parallel with the net when he scored it from the corner of the rink. With 8:35 left, Ryan Speigel scored his first of the game for Spartan. Owczarczak scored his second of the night on a wicked wrist shot to make it 4-0. HSCB responded quickly to get on the board. Tyler Landahl scored and he was assisted by Jordan Partyka. Francemore scored his second of the night to make it 5-1 Spartans. With 18 seconds left, John Allen scored his first of the night for Spartans to make it 6-1 just before halftime. Shots were 24-10 Spartans with the score being 6-1 Spartans at the halfway point.

To start the second half, Partyka scored to shorten Spartans’ lead to four. Spartans responded almost immediately with a goal of their own. Francemore scored the goal which made the score 7-2. Spartans went on the power play with 15:45 left in the game as a result of Krolikowski committing a tripping penalty. Spartans took advantage of it and scored to make it 8-2. Owczarczak successfully earned the hat trick when he scored with 11:45 left in the game. Off of the ensuing faceoff, Landahl took it the length of the ice for HSCB and scored to make it 9-3. All after that was elementary as the final score stood at 9-3. The shots ended up being 36-21 in favor of Spartans.

Spartans had four substitutes as opposed to HSCB’s one. After the game, Spartans player Matt Manns spoke on the game and how important having substitutes are in matchups like this one.

“When the two teams are equal in skill, the number of guys [the teams have] is everything,” said Manns. “When you have only one sub, you get tired quicker. No matter what skill you have, when you get tired you’re not going to have the effort in you.”

Not only was HSCB low on substitutes, but they were missing their leading scorer Patrick Griffin.

“Our offense is led around Pat Griffin,” said Krolikowski. “If he’s on our team is on. If he’s not, we kind of struggle, but we try to make it work.”

Hopefully Griffin will be back for the first round of the playoffs next Tuesday. HSCB is taking on Regulation Hair Loss and Spartans is taking on Blazing Nuggets.


Buffalo Celtic pulls away late: Game of the Week

An empty Open Field 1 before Buffalo Celtic took on Rag Tag FC. Picture:

The inaugural Game of the Week featured Rag Tag FC and Buffalo Celtic of the Tuesday Men’s Soccer league. Going into the game, Rag Tag FC and Buffalo Celtic were second and third in the standings respectively. The two teams played earlier in the season, and the game ended 4-3 with Rag Tag FC being victorious. Rag Tag FC captain and Ryan Kuhlmann recalled the win.

“Our whole goal is to compete and to be out there and have fun,” said Kuhlmann. “We obviously love to win and Celtic is really good. We were stoked to beat them last time. So I’ll be interested to see how we do tonight.”

Ed Fritz, goalkeeper and captain of Buffalo Celtic, also spoke about the game and how he saw it unfold from between the pipes.

“We didn’t play ‘our’ game,” said Fritz. “We made a lot of dumb mistakes. They [Rag Tag FC] have a couple of great shooters that took it to us and made us pay …. They played ‘their’ game to a tee and that’s why they won.”

The game itself started out quickly with Buffalo Celtic’s Brandon Voyer scoring off a rebound to make it 1-0 with just under 20 minutes to go in the first half. The key to the goal was that Buffalo Celtic put pressure on Rag Tag FC when Rag Tag FC had the ball in their own end. It was a common theme throughout the game. Off of a great one handed save by Nick Pangallo, Rag Tag FC’s goalie, Rag Tag FC took the ball down the field showing great passing ability and the run finished with goal scored by Eric Hilley to make it 1-1.

As advertised it was a very intense first half, each team getting a good amount of shots on net. With 20 seconds left a Rag Tag FC defender was called for a handball in the box, which means a penalty kick was given to Buffalo Celtic. Voyer took the penalty and was stopped by Pangallo. That stop gave Rag Tag FC all the momentum heading into halftime with the score tied 1-1.

The second half started similarly to the first. Voyer scored his second of the night on a great pass from Tom Cordero to make it 2-1 with over 20 minutes left in the game. Shortly after Kevin Wagel, of Buffalo Celtic, scored his team’s third goal. With 11:48 left Voyer scored his third of the game. He is the team’s leading scorer and is currently fourth in the league for goals (12).

Buffalo Celtic then proceeded to hog possession and play keep away from Rag Tag FC so that even the thought of making a comeback was dampered. Dillon Oliveri scored Buffalo Celtic’s fifth goal with 10:40 left on a nice long shot that beat Pangallo, who overall had a great night. Weigel scored his second shortly after to make it 6-1.

Rag Tag FC didn’t throw in the towel. Kahlid (no last name given) scored with 4:43 left to close Buffalo Celtic’s lead to four. Again, Rag Tag FC strung together a few nice passes leading up to the goal showcasing great teamwork. To cap of the night Buffalo Celtic’s Josh Fritz scored a header from a cross that came from the left winger to make it 7-2 and put the nail in the coffin.

The final score was 7-2 Buffalo Celtic. As a result of this game, the teams flip-flopped spots in the standings. Both Buffalo Celtic and Rag Tag FC are currently slated to face each other if the playoffs were to start next week.


Be sure to lookout for next week’s edition of the Game of the Week!





Midseason Flag Football Review

By Franklin Heinzmann


Flag Football Blue

  1. Buffalo Braves (5-1)

The Braves are in first place in the Blue division. The Braves are the best defensive team in the division. They have only given up 100 points across six. Chris Lonzi leads the team in TDs with four. Champions of the past 3 out of 4 sessions, the Braves are on pace to be the first seed in the playoffs.


  1. Pup N’ Suds (5-1)

Pup N’ Suds are in second off of a head-to-head tiebreaker with the Braves. Pup N’ Suds lost to the Braves by a score of 20-14 in an intense week seven showdown. Edward Harof and Dean Thompson are tied for the team lead in touchdowns with six. If Pup N’ Suds can keep up their winning ways, watch out for the week 11 matchup featuring Pup N’ Suds and the Braves. First place could be on the line.


  1. Eagles (4-3)

The team named after the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles currently sits in third. The team has scored a division high 221 points. Adam Houser and Matt Mohr are tied for the team high and division high for touchdowns with seven each. The Eagles just suffered a 19-18 loss against Pup N’ Suds, and are currently slated to face them if the playoffs were to start today.


  1. Hellagoods (3-3)

The only team to play six games so far is currently fourth in the Blue division.  Rashad Fisher, known as simply Fish, and Noah Huard lead the team in TDs with four each. The team is playing Eagles coming off of their bye next week, and could jump into third. Hellagoods holds the final playoff spot and would have to play Braves in the first round.


  1. Mega Chargers (2-5)

Mega Chargers are currently on the outside looking in, but could take Hellagoods spot in the near future. Nedeljko Cvijetinovic leads the team in touchdowns with six. Mega Chargers is on a two-game losing streak and play Pup N’ Suds next week.


Flag Football Green

  1. Morning Wood (4-2)

Morning Wood is currently in the driver’s seat with seven weeks to go. Dave (no last name given) leads the team in TDs with six. Their recent victory was a 41-8 win over The Money Team. Morning Wood is slated to play The Process in next Monday’s only Green matchup.


  1. Team No Name (4-1)

The team with the most self-aware name in either division is currently in second. Team No Name has given up a total of 64 points in the 5 games they’ve played, which is good for first place in the divison.  If they can beat Camprise and hope that Morning Wood loses on Monday to The Process, then Team No Name will be in first.


  1. Camprise (3-3)

The team that’s named after their QB, Michael Camprise, is in third. Jeffery Persutti leads all of Flag Football Green with 10 TDs. They have the highest flying offense in the division, scoring 219 total points. Their next game is against Team No Name, who they would face if they playoffs were to start today.


  1. The Process (3-2)

The Process sits in fourth, but they are far from out of it. With a win against Morning Wood on Monday, they enter the running for first place. Andrew Ruddock leads the team with four TDs. In their most recent game, they suffered a one- point loss to Camprise, but with the division lead in sight, players on The Process aren’t getting down.


  1. The Money Team (0-6)

In true Floyd Mayweather fashion, The Money Team hasn’t thrown any punches this session. Despite getting relegated from Flag Football Blue, the team has yet to win a single game. The team’s next game is The Process on Thursday.