Hellagoods defense holds off Celtics for second straight Epic Center Championship

QB Terrell runs the Celtics offense. Picture by Sean Goodwin.
Hellagoods Team Photo following their victory. Picture by Sean Goodwin


The first session of Winter here at Epic Center finally came to a close this past Monday night. Flag footballs top division champion still needed to be crowned.  Hellagoods and Buffalo Celtics were the top two teams by far in this past sessions football blue division.  The game came so late due to most of the players being away for a national tournament in Florida.  The matchup I was watching for during this game was the leagues top offense in Hellagoods going up against the top defense of the Celtics.  League MVP Jaleel Harris was playing against former League MVP Mike Ford (QB Hellagoods) for the first time since week 2.

Celtics won the coin toss, and threw their outstanding defense on the field to start the game. Ford, and wide receiver Noah Huard were on fire early connecting on their first three targets of the game.  The Celtics almost held Hellagoods to a fourth down incompletion, but a late flag from the official penalized Robert Malave for pass interference.  The call was questionable, but it did not slow down Hellagoods momentum.  Ford and Huard connected for the games first score from three yards out, and Hellagoods took their lead that they would never relinquish.  The Celtics quarterback status had been questionable all season long.  They used 4 different quarterbacks in just six games, and this came back to bite them in the end.  Terrell made the start for them on Monday, but was unable to really find his groove in the pocket.  Celtics had a total of four possessions in the first half, and they were all turnovers including an interception by Dean Thompson to end the half. A dropped snap in the end zone from Ford was all the Celtics were able to put on the board in the first half.  12-2 was the score at the break in favor of Hellagoods.

Celtics knew they had to show some sort of offensive prowess on their first drive coming out of halftime. A dropped pass by Ronnie on second down followed by a terrific rush from Kyle Roy to force a throw away from Terrell led to another punt from the Celtics offense.  Dean Thompson lead the league in touchdowns for Hellagoods this past season, and was actually held in check by Harris, and Daryl Rose in the first half.  However, on Hellagoods first drive of the second half he broke free catching three passes including an 8 yard touchdown pass from Derek Mcgee.  The score was then 18-2, and there was very little hope of a comeback from the Celtics bench.  It was too little too late when Celtics finally scored touchdowns on their final two drives.  Hellagoods had taken their foot off the gas, and their prevent defense led them to their second straight Epic Center flag football championship.  The final score was 18-16.

The entire team of Hellagoods gets my nod for player of the game, and championship MVP. The team defense was outstanding from Noah Huard and Eric Flynn in the secondary to Adam Huard and Kyle Roy rushing off the line of scrimmage.  Mike Ford played another solid game while nursing a leg injury (19-23 186 YDS 1 TD 1 INT) and Derek Mcgee led the team in flag grabs (5) while throwing two touchdowns from Hellagoods double QB formation.  Both teams will return to the field in our extended flag football session that started this past Monday.


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