No Fly Zone completes Perfect Season in 32-21 win over Drip Squad


No Fly Zone following their 32-21 win. Picture by Sean Goodwin


No Fly Zone finally got their chance to prove their dominated run in the flag football green division was no fluke.  Championship Monday came, and Drip Squad was the only team standing in the way of No Fly Zone capping off a perfect season before they move up to the competitive division next session.  The game was almost handed to them due to a forfeit.  However, Drip Squad was able to field a couple extra players in place of some of their best players including Max D’Andrea the league leader in interceptions.  The quarterback matchup between MVP James Cellotto, and Drip Squad’s Marcus was the key matchup of the day.  Marcus had a fantastic season finishing as green divisions top rusher as well as second in touchdown passes.  James Cellotto had a just as impressive season leading the league in all passing statistics by a wide margin.  It also didn’t hurt him he had John Caie to throw to who finished with 11 total touchdown on the season.

The game started off in the hands of James Cellotto, and the No Fly Zone offense.  It only took them two plays to move into the red zone.  Cellotto winged a deep throw over to John Caie who created perfect separation, and hauled in a diving catch right in front of the goal line.  It then took a fourth down conversion for the games first score.  Old reliable Derek B. won the tip drill in the end zone and put No Fly Zone up 6-0.  Drip Squad took the challenge, and scored a quick touchdown right after this.  Marcus and Jesse Meyer connected for a 16 yard score after they hooked up for a 56 yard strike earlier on the drive.  Marcus then picked off the first throw from Cellotto on the following drive, and then threw another touchdown pass to put Drip Squad up 12-6.  No Fly Zone were schocked they were on other side of the scoreboard for the first time this year.  This lasted only a couple minutes before John Caie went deep again for a 52 yard score from Cellotto and tied the game at 12.  Following their quick double score, Drip Squads offense just did not look the same.  The flag grabbing from Derek Pugh and the other front 5 from No Fly Zone was unbelievable.  A safety on their next drive from a dropped snap in the end zone was the beginning of the end for Drip Squad.

The second half began with a pick six via John Caie. This gave No Fly Zone a 20-14 lead, and Drip Squads defense disappeared in the tackling department.  Ben took a short pass on their next offensive drive, and absolutely few down the left sideline past everyone in sight.  The lead ballooned to 26-14 with just five minutes to go, and No Fly Zone finally looked comfortable.  The game finished 32-21 in favor of No Fly Zone.  The perfect season was complete with all of their wins coming by ten points or more. James Cellotto finished the day 14-23 for 337 yards and four touchdowns.  John Caie collected a pick six and four catches for 112 and a touchdown reception, and won my pick for Playoff MVP.  Derek B. had two catches both in the end zone, and every starter on their defense had at least on flag grab.  It was a complete day from the most complete team in the green division, and it came on the final night of the season.  The top division teams are going to hear a lot more about No Fly Zone next season when they make the league jump.  Drip Squad on the other hand, finished a very strong season in their first session here at Epic Center.  I expect big things from them next session, and are big favorites to host the trophy a couple months from now.  Congratulations to No Fly Zone as my focus now moves to next weeks top division championship to be played between Buffalo Celtics and Hellagoods.


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