Game of the Week: Celtic Green upsets Mes Que FC in Blue semifinals  

Celtic Green (white/green) plays in a corner against Mes Que FC (black). Picture by Franklin Heinzmann.

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – The Men’s Soccer Blue playoffs got underway last Tuesday night. The second-seeded Mes Que FC took on third-seeded Celtic Green in the second of two semifinal matchups. The winner would go on to face fourth-seeded Santos FC, who upset first-seeded Mad Lads United in the other semifinal matchup. Santos FC’s upset as a foreshadowing of this game, as Celtic Green defeated Mes Que FC, winning by a score of 3-2.

It was a tightly contested game, to say the least. Members of a BDSL team were taking on esteemed soccer coaches, fans were expecting nothing short of a great game. Mes Que’s Sean Mullen scored the first goal of the game by scoring a videogame-esque goal that prompted one player to yell “Is this FIFA 19!?”

Celtic Green tied up the game when Tommy M. scored off of a cross with 11:03 left in the first half. The score remained as the first half concluded.

Throughout the first half Celtic Green kept peppering shots from outside the 18-yard box, but only some of them were being put on frame. If total shots were being counted, they would have had a lot more than their first half total (8) indicated. Mes Que FC had just four shots on target in the first half.

To open the second half, Mes Que FC came out swinging and swung momentum in their favor. Mes Que FC’s Lloyd Miller scored with 19:10 left in the second half after his team shut down a Celtic Green three on one. Unfortunately, Mes Que’s momentum was taken out from under them when they scored an own goal just over five minutes later.

For the remaining ten minutes, the two teams played opposite styles of soccer. Celtic Green were meticulous in their efforts to get a goal, trying to make the right passes to get up the field. On the other hand, Mes Que FC was bombing balls down the field, sending Hail Mary’s, over everyone’s head down the field, hoping to outrun Celtic Green’ defenders.

With 4:04 left in the game, Celtic Green’s Luke L. broke the 2-2 tie when he scored what would be the game winning goal. Despite a couple of near misses from Mes Que FC, Celtic Green’s defense did a good job of locking down the game dwon for the last four minutes to secure a spot in the Men’s Soccer Blue Championship.

Final Score: Celtic Green 3 Mes Que FC 2

Shots On Goal: Celtic Green 17 Mes Que FC 14

The Championship is set for next Tuesday Jan. 15 at 9 P.M. As I like to say, t-shirts are on the line!

 If a player doesn’t have a player pass or directly gives an Epic Center staff employee their name, last name, or last initial, then they’re identity will remaim protected on Epic Center Sports Report. These aren’t professional athletes, just people who play a recreational sport at the Epic Center.

To see standings, stats, and more head to


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