Southside Sneaks into the Playoffs on the Final Night of the Season

Members of Southside (Blue) and Shimmey Shimmey (Black) meet prior to game.                             Picture by Sean Goodwin

The last game of the regular season had big playoff implications for one of the teams.  Southside came into the game with a 1-4 record, and Warkron had just lost in the previous game to end their season at 2-4.  If Southside ended their season with a win they go 2-4, and advance to the playoffs over Warkron with a tie breaker.  The team that stood in their way on the last game of the season was 1-4 Shimmey Shimmey. Shimmey Shimmey was coming off of their first win of the season last week, but were barely able to fill a full team on the field.  They ended up having to use two players from Warkron, and No Fly Zone just so they could have enough players on the field.

The game started after a lengthy delay from who Shimmey Shimmey was allowed to play with.  When the game finally got going they ended up having No Fly Zones John Caie who led the league in touchdowns.  Andre Olivas is the quarterback for Shimmey Shimmey, but had still not fully recovered from an ankle injury.  Aaron Shaw is the quarterback for Southside, and he was coming off a big game against Warkron where he threw for six touchdowns.  Dre Olivas would not get off to a good start to the game.  He had two interceptions on his first two drives, and was unable to perform as well as he could on defense due to his injury.  Both of the interceptions were made by Tyler Ciemny, who also lead his team in tackles on the day as well.  Shaw got off to another great start throwing a touchdown to Jordan Kulesz on their second drive.  Shaw was able to maneuver around the pocket with ease, and even had a couple good runs in the first half.  Southside was up 14-2 at the half.

Shimmey Shimmey’s offense woke up in a big way in the second half.  They were able to trim the lead to 22-20 due to fantastic play from Dre Olivas, and Don Christopher.  They were able to work the short passing game to a “T” and finished off two straight drives with touchdown to John Caie.  The defense stepped up for a bit due to great end pressure from Donny.  He finished the night with two sacks, and it was obvious what he was doing to Aaron Shaw’s confidence in the pocket.  However, It was Southside who kept the scoring consistent for the whole game.  Aaron Shaw finished the day with three touchdowns, and it was Nick P who won the game on a pick six when the game was tied and with only three minutes to go.   Tyler Ciemny also took the title of Interception leader for the league with his two interceptions on the final night of the season. The final score was 28-22 and Southside had officially made the playoffs in their first year playing at Epic Center.  What awaits them is undefeated No Fly Zone who dominated Warkron 40-8 in their last game of the season.  Shimmey Shimmey ends their year at 1-5, and it is unlikely they will return for the Winter B session.


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