Game of the Week: Bolts jolt Red Machine


WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. – Last Tuesday the Queen City Bolts took on the Red Machine. Coming into the game the Bolts had the league’s highest scoring offense, and the Red Machine had the league’s best defense only giving up 17 goals. This, on paper, was predicted by multiple Epic Center employees to be the best hockey game on Tuesday night’s slate. Well it was far from it, as the Bolts destroyed the Red Machine, winning by a score of 12-2.

Before the game, I told Queen City Bolts captain Brian Faraci that his team is playing in the Game of the Week. After responding with ‘Nice!’ he promptly told his team. It must have had quite an effect on the Bolts, as they played one of the best halves of hockey that I’ve seen at the Epic Center.

To start the Bolts first half domination, forward Joe Plevniak scored by going five-hole making it 1-0. Red Machine’s Chris Becken scored in retaliation with a nice deke cutting in from the left wing and shooting left side, but that was the last of Red Machine in the first half.

In the span of five minutes the Bolts scored five goals. In their 5-0 run Plevniak scored two of them, Chris Cartone and Bolts leading scorer Ed Sudik scored one each, and Charles Smith scored the other. Smith also threw in a couple of really nice in between the legs passes, none of which were put away for goals, but they were fun to watch nonetheless.

With a 6-1 lead, the Bolts drew a powerplay that lasted for the last two minutes of the first half. Sudik was able to convert on the powerplay to give the Bolts a 7-1 lead going into halftime. The Bolts also led in the SOG category, 17-6.

The Bolts domination continued in the second half. Plevinak clinched a hat trick by scoring with 16:17 left in the game. Just 59 seconds later, Elliott Smith scored to make it 9-1. He scored again with 12:38 left to earn the Bolts second hat trick of the night to make it 10-1.

Smith got the Bolts into double-digit-lead territory when he scored his second of the night with 9:22 left in the second half. Red Machine got into more-than-one territory when Eric Tuchols scored to make it 11-2. The game ended, but it was brought to our attention that we missed a goal (we apologize again), so Brian Faraci’s second-half goal was added to the statistics, but wasn’t added in real time.

Final Score: Queen City Bolts 12 Red Machine 2 

Shots on Goal: Queen City Bolts 28 Red Machine 18

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If a player doesn’t have a player pass or directly gives an Epic Center staff employee their name, last name, or last initial, then they’re identity will remains protected on Epic Center Sports Report. These aren’t professional athletes, just people who play a recreational sport at the Epic Center.




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